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What travel bloggers often miss

What travel bloggers often miss

“I’m not your typical travel blogger…” That’s what all travel bloggers aim to convince you. Time and time again we tell you why we’re unlike the rest. Maybe it’s because of our superb photography skills, or maybe because we went to school for journalism. But there’s something we all share. 

We lack to show love for our own countries.

We’re so busy jetting off to far off countries and places that we forget to mention why we love our homes, why it’s our favorite place to come back to. Not all travel bloggers feel this way about their homes, but I sure do!

I’m from the United States. I specifically call the state of Minnesota home. You may have heard me from time and time ago ramble on about Minnesota’s beauty and what little quirks my home state has to offer. But these are just short snippets. I’ve only dedicated a few posts to my home state.

But that’s all about to change.

I’m launching a new series called Minnesota Wonders! Every month I aim to publish a post about Minnesota: boasting about one of its state parks or must-see, metropolis wonders. I’ll even write about my own home and city giving you the insider scoop. 

All these posts will be personal and have a lot of humorous tales intertwined into them. So stay for the laughter and a few insider tips on the wondrous state of 10,000 lakes

Also, as part of another series, I’m going to boasting about the USA more often! Too many times I find myself wanting to jet across the world to find some hidden gems. I’ve already ventured to 46 of the 50 states, but haven’t posted many of those adventures on my blog. I will now and file them under the series title: The American Dream. 

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