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Hello world! It’s me, Martha

Hello world! It’s me, Martha

Once someone asked me if I was a poet, and it was one of the best compliments I’ve ever received.

I was sitting at a rickety oak table inside a Puerto Rican cafe in San Juan. My coffee stained leather bound journal sat in front of me. I chewed absentmindedly on the end of my lucky ballpoint pen.

After a few minutes of musing, I furiously scribbled in my journal, whose edges were curling from the hot condensation and the many close calls of nearby tea spills, threatening to erase all the lullabies I wrote.

A woman from New York, who emigrated from Indian, leaned over from her adjacent wooden table and asked, “Poeta?” She smiled a wide toothy grin as I looked at her, a little stunned and confused. My mind whirled as I tried to translate her Spanish phrase laced with her heavy Indian accent.

I shook my head no and gave her a shy smile. But inside I was buzzing. For once, I was recognized for something I treasured.

Writing — that’s what makes me tick. Whether it’s jotting down tasks on a list, or pouring my soul into prose. And there in that Puerto Rican cafe, I decided something. I was going to galavant after that passion until my lungs burned with fatigue and my legs dared to buckle underneath me.

Writing coupled with my adventurous soul, that seemed like the golden ticket. So I started this blog. I wanted to tell stories about the adventures I had embarked on and the one’s I coveted so greatly.

Here I am, a beginner traveler — only two countries under my belt and 44 states checked off my bucket list — ready to absorb it all and share it with you.

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