journalist traveling the world, uncovering one hidden gem at a time


My mornings start with a cup of coffee, with a splash of cream, and my journal in hand. Better yet, I hope to be on a vacation, blogging somewhere with a wanderlust-worthy view.

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I’m Martha a full-time freelancer and blogger. I started traveling when I was just a babe, at 1-year-old, and my parents took me on a road trip to Yellowstone National Park. Every year after that my family would embark on adventures all over the United States. Then I started embarking on solo adventures.

As I jetted across the United States, then the world, I took my work in tow. I started as a newspaper reporter and then transitioned into a freelance journalist and blogger. No matter where I was trotting off to I had Minnesota to call home.

Why did I embark on the path of becoming an entrepreneur? I wanted a challenge. Driven and engaged are two words that describe me well. Every morning I wake up with the intention of conquering challenges. And one early morning, while pondering over my journal and chewing on my pen, Quirky Globetrotter came to me.

Quirky Globetrotter is a local’s travel guide, written by an outsider. My blog offers tips and tricks for travelers to enjoy the country’s best, hidden spots. Whether it’s pristine views or cultural hot spots, I scout them out and report back to my readers. Finding the untouched, hidden gems of a far-off place is my passion.

I also branch outside my typical tips and tricks blog posts and write deeper, connecting stories. I started a journal entries portion on my blog where I document my inner head musings while I’m abroad. It started with my first international, solo trip to Puerto Rico.

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What else should you know about me? 

  • While I’m working furiously on my many projects I always have a freshly brewed cup of tea within arm’s reach.
  • I’m also a chronic list maker who constantly is digging up new things to add to my bucket list. (I’ve nearly checked off ‘visit all 50 states’ from the list — only six more to go!) I also aim to eat pizza in every state.
  • When I turned 23, I decided to start traveling internationally. So far I’ve visited five countries, by the end of the year it should be 11!
  • Most of my travel inspiration comes from Pinterest, Instagram and the dog-eared novels that clutter my tiny apartment. I was born a storyteller and aspire to write a novel while in the depths of the jungle someday.

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