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Month: April 2017

Journal: Feb. 23 – El Yunque, PR

Journal: Feb. 23 – El Yunque, PR

We woke up late and made our way to the rainforest. It was a two-hour drive filled with more treacherous mountain driving. El Yunque was humid and uninviting at first. Large, potholes filled the entrance — this served as a warning for the treacherous road […]

Journal: Feb. 22 – Arecibo, PR

Journal: Feb. 22 – Arecibo, PR

We woke up early and headed to Arecibo where the Cuevas del Indio were. We were the first guests through the gate. Large red signs warned tourists to continue at their own risk. The caves were surrounded by sandy beaches where palm trees shaded the […]

Journal: Feb. 21 – Ponce, PR

The crow of the rooster wakes me up — just like the old days on the farm. I stumble out of the bedroom weaving blindly towards the coffee Rosanna promised. To my surprise, a whole feast was waiting for me. A small good morning note […]

Journal: Feb. 20 – Guanica, PR

I departed from the Surfer’s House this morning and ventures to Ricon’s lighthouse. What was emaculate there was the few surfers that dotted the waves below, each taking their turn to ride the crashing surf. Afterwards, I went on a windy car jounry towards Rojo […]

Journal: Feb. 19 – Aguadilla, PR

I wake up early and say goodbye to the hostel that I’ve called home for the past three days. It’s kitty corner from the bakery that Barrack Obama visited in Puerto Rico on vacation. I locked the rod iron gate one last time before leaving […]

Journal: Feb. 18 – San Juan, PR

We head to Pinones, Leo and I. We’re going to spend the day under the shade of a palm tree and relax. I get a whole coconut to quench my thirst. We bought it from a roadside stand from a tanned Puerto Rican who sliced […]

Journal: Feb. 16 – San Juan, PR

Castillo San Felipe del Morro is magnificent under the burning, afternoon sun. The ocean is a turquoise blue near the short with small white caps. There are lush rolling valleys framing the fortress. It nearly looks like a palace or expensive estate. In the lush […]

Journal: Feb. 17 – San Juan, PR

Journal: Feb. 17 – San Juan, PR

The day had come where I was finally going to fulfill all the fantasies that have been playing in my head on repeat for the past month. I was going to lay on those soft ocean sands and soak up some much needed Vitamin D. Have […]

Journal: Feb. 15 – San Juan, PR

I was blasted with the strong scent of sunscreen as tourists made their way through the fort doors from the docks. Such a strong, potent 21st-century smell didn’t belong in this relic. It would be like smelling plastic while admiring the Mona Lisa at the […]

Journal: Feb. 14, Puerto Rico

Vast. That’s how the airport felt that late Monday evening.  It was the gateway to a world of vast opportunities and adventures. Then there was me — a mere speck in the wild, whirlwind of an intricate map that started under the wheels of the […]