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Budget Breakdown: Puerto Rico road trip edition

Budget Breakdown: Puerto Rico road trip edition

Road tripping through a foreign country for the first time was a little unnerving. Luckily I had some prior knowledge of Spanish and was able to read the road signs!

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Flight – $252

The flight was roundtrip from Minneapolis to San Juan, PR. I had one layover to San Juan and on my way home. I bought the ticket via – Book Cheap Flights!

Lodging – $492.50 or $32.83 per day

I road tripped around the island mostly stayed at Airbnb rentals. While staying in San Juan I stayed at hostels, which was cheaper and more conveniently located. To look for lodging I used Hostel World and the Airbnb app. Use my referral code to receive $40 off your first booking on Airbnb. 

Transportation costs – $382

Rental Car – $310 for one week.
This price includes an additional $25 per day because I was under 25. The rental cost an average of $43.75 per day.

Ubers and Taxis- $72
This also includes my taxi from the airport that was $20 and my expensive taxi ride in Vieques, which was $17.

If you’d like to save on your next Uber ride sign up using my referral code: marthal3127ue. You’ll save $5 on your first two rides with Uber.

Attractions – $173

A breakdown for all the attractions I saw:
$5 for Castillo de Crisobal
$75 for snorkeling and biobay tour in La Parguera
$3 El Yunque admission. You don’t have to pay this if you don’t visit the Visitor’s Center.
$25 Cueva Ventana
$10 Cueva del Indio admission
$25 Camuy Caves


Food – $280

Most of the places I stayed I ate breakfast for free. The price of food in Puerto Rico is roughly the same as in the United States. I saved a little on food by eating from roadside kiosks and sharing meals with friends.

Learn more here about how to save money on food on a road trip and while abroad.

GRAND TOTAL $1,549.50 for 14 days; breaks down to $92.67 per day, not including airfare

What would I’ve done differently? 

Although food wasn’t my most expensive category, I would’ve eaten out less, especially for dinner. Lunch is always a cheaper option and I would’ve scaled back on expensive dinners and spent more time exploring and watching the sunset.

I also would’ve explored fewer caves. If I had to do it again, I would forego the Camuy Caves and only visit Cueva del Indio and Cueva Ventana again. Otherwise, I was proud of myself for keeping admission costs low.

Finally, I also would’ve opted to stay in more hostels and even try Couchsurfing. I racked up quite the bill with my lodging expenses. Though I did split some of this with friends, it still was the largest portion of my budget.


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